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National Table Hockey League

Top North American players compete at NTHL events, along with many competitive B and C level players, sometimes a few courageous Europeans, as well as children (in their own division).

The talent pool is deep, such that competition for the top-10 and every other place is meaningful, and ferocious. Off the table, the players form a community, and resemble a large family; but on the table, they give no quarter and take no prisoners.

The current top four players -- Carlo Bossio, Gino Bossio, Sam Anoussis, and Pat Cote -- are in a class by themselves. Among currently active NTHL players, these four have dominated all the tournaments in which they have played. Among them, they have won tournaments in every HTQ or NTHL city. In 2013-14 they monopolized all the medals, except in Chicago where none of them played last year. [standings]

Among them, Carlo Bossio is the undisputed king of classic table hockey. Pat Cote won the first-ever Quebec Cup in 2006-07, but since then Carlo has been invincible. "The King" reeled off the next six consecutive Quebec Cups (2008-2013), and in 2014 he won the NTHL's inaugural World Cup. [see Soho for videos of Carlo and other top players.]

To be that dominant in this field of champions, for the last seven years, is an unprecedented feat in the sport of table hockey. In the process Carlo has fought off many challengers, mowing down every pretender to the throne. More than a king, he's a one-man dynasty.