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National Table Hockey League

The National Table Hockey League is the new avatar of Hockey Sur Table Quebec. The founders of Hockey Sur Table Quebec, in 2005, were Martin Labelle, Carlo Bossio, and Denis Begin. In 2008 Burt Brassard replaced Denis. In 2009 Martin retired, and was replaced by Dany Leclerc. When Dany relocated to Thailand in 2011, Lou Marinoff joined Carlo and Burt. In 2014, Hockey Sur Table Quebec was reborn as the National Table Hockey League, co-founded by Carlo, Burt and Lou. [see History]

The NTHL is the premier league for Classic Coleco table hockey, sanctioning between five to seven tournaments each year. These tournaments comprise the NTHL's Masters Series, at which top players vie for the World Cup (formerly, the Quebec Cup).  [
see Standings

The NHTL supports classic table hockey at all levels, so every NTHL-sanctioned event also awards medals to winners in B and C divisions. The NTHL recognizes school leagues for children, and a children's division can be included in some NTHL events. [see Ste Sophie].

From 2006-2014, HTQ- and/or NTHL-sanctioned events have been organized in Chicago by Jim Rzonca, in Detroit by Eric Kroll, in Gatineau by Eric Desjardins, in Montreal by Carlo Bossio, in New York by John Fayolle, in Quebec by Burt Brassard, in Sherbrooke by Martin Labelle, in Ste-Hyacinthe by Dany Leclerc, and in Toronto by Dave Kraehling. [see Franchises]

The NTHL's mission is to encourage table hockey players of all ages to play at their best: whether for fun, camaraderie, competition, self-development, or all of the above. In the process, the NTHL also showcases the best classic players in the world -- an amazing array of table-hockey talent.

Football is a game of inches, and seconds. Classic table hockey is a game of millimeters, and tenths of a second. It's also a sport for life, and an arena for champions. Whether you win or lose at table hockey, playing this sport competitively makes you a winner in life.