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National Table Hockey League

NTHL Rules

NTHL standings work on a rolling point system, anually.

The season starts in July and ends the following spring.

The three best performances of each player in a season are added to determine their final standing.

At the end of the season the Cup is awarded to the highest ranked player, their name is engraved in the Cup.

The points are attributed as follows: click the image to enlarge in a new window.

All tournaments use the same formula described below:

This formula is used in all sanctioned NTHL tournaments. The format does vary based on the exact number of participants but the principle always remains the same. In all cases each player is guaranteed a minimum of 20 total games.

First Round:
For the first round the players will be split into smaller groups of 8-12 people and they will play a round robin within that group.

Second Round:
New groups of 8-12 will be created based on the results of the first round. The group with the strongest players from the first round is the "A" group, followed by the "B", "C" etc... as needed. Another round robin then takes place within each group to determine the playoff seeds.

The top 16 seeds after the second round make the playoffs, often the top "A" pool finishers will get a first round bye. Playoff series in the "A" pool are always a minimum of a best of 3 and often are a best of 5 (time permitting).
After the round of sixteen (or twelve, as the case may be), the losers of the quarter-final playoff round in B, C, and D pools are finished playing for the day, and will be ranked according to their seeding in the previous round.

In the A-pool only, the four losers of the quarter-final playoff round will play one-game eliminations. The highest seed plays the lowest, while the two middle seeds play each other. Then the two winners play for 5th and 6th place, while the two losers play for 7th and 8th place. These one-game eliminations will take place immediately following the quarter-finals, and prior to the semi-finals.

Bonus Points:

In addition to the normally attributed points (as above), bonus points will be awarded to each and every player in a given tournament, on the following basis:  

If all 5 top-five players are playing in a tournament, then everyone playing in that tournament gets 25 bonus points.
If 4 top-five players are playing, then everyone playing gets 20 bonus points.
If 3 top-five players are playing, then everyone playing gets 15 bonus points.
If 2 top-five players are playing, then everyone playing gets 10 bonus points.
If 1 top-five player is playing, then everyone playing gets 5 bonus points.
If no top-five player is playing, then nobody gets any bonus points.

In any given season, for the purpose of awarding bonus points, "top-five" means the top-five players in the final NTHL standings of the previous season (not the top-five according to the rolling standings of the current season). 

A player's total points in a given tournament is the sum of his attributed points plus his bonus points (if any).