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National Table Hockey League

NTHL Player Profiles

Michael "La Classe" Brossard

Born: October 25, 1954
Record: April 1980, finished 11th at the Third Canadian Open Table Hockey Championship
(won by my friend Lou Marinoff)
Comeback trail in HTQ (Now NTHL):
2011: 14th, 2012: 12th, 2013: 10th, 2014: 9th
Inspiration: Love of the game and learning by competing with the best! Great players like Lou and Sam, André, Michel, Daniel, Burt, Dave, John, Gino, Pat, Julian, Dany, Shawn, Diana and Martin all elevate my game. In fact all the top 20 are challenging!

Claim to fame: Beating Carlo Bossio 8-3 in the opening round at the Cage aux Sports Montreal tournament! Beating the great Éric Larochelle to take 1st place in the A at Rosemont in 2014!

Motto: Show others how to improve, learn from the best, and participate!