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National Table Hockey League

New York

Tournament organizer:
John Fayolle
  The SoHo Fall Classic Tournament, The Munro Statler Cup Tournament
SoHo - New York City
Year started:

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Tournament History:
Reigning Miss New York Mallory Hagen dropped the Official First Puck on December 1st 2012 for The SoHo Fall Classic Tournament.  Mallory went on to win the Miss America Pagent and Gino Bossio would become the first player to sip Champaign from the SoHo Cup. The Munro Statler Cup Tournament debuted on November 22nd 2013 and marked the first time since 1975 that a Munro Tournament was held in NYC. Kenny Dubois would win the First Statler Cup that was named after the Statler Hilton which hosted the last NYC Munro event some 38 years ago. Second Place winner Ron Marsik and Lou Marinoff had both participated in the 1975 event.

SoHo Cup Past Winners 1-2-3:

Carlo Bossio, Sam Anoussis, Andre Pigeon

Carlo Bossio, Sam Anoussis, Gino Bossio

Carlo Bossio,
Patrick Côté
, Sam Anoussis

Carlo Bossio, Sam Anoussis, Patrick Côté

Gino Bossio, Carlo Bossio, Patrick Côté

Statler Cup Past Winners 1-2-3:

Kenny Dubois, Ron Marsik, Carlo Bossio