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Tournament organizer: Dave Kraehling
Tournament: Toronto Open
City: Toronto, Ontario
Year started: 2013

Tournament history: Only five years old the history of this tournament is still writing itself!

Past winners 1-2-3:
2020: Scotiabank A- Patrick Côté, Carlo Bossio, Thierri Douville
2020: A- Carlo Bossio, Patrick Côté, Andre Pigeon
B - Sid Kloosterman, Josh Kloosterman, Bernie Kunzler
2016: Dave Kraehling, Sam Anoussis, Gino Bossio
2015: Carlo Bossio, Patrick Côté, Sam Anoussis
2014: Carlo Bossio, Patrick Côté, Sam Anoussis
2013: Carlo Bossio, Sam Anoussis, Gino Bossio