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Sainte Sophie de Lévrard

Tournament organizer: Marc Bénard, Caroline Boutet
Tournament: Duel Marie Sophie
City: Sainte Sophie de Lévrard, Quebec
Year started: 2014

Tournament history: The Marie-Sophie School Sector welcomes students with difficulties learning and bad behavior. To increase their sense of belonging to school and academic motivation of students, Marc Bénard and the teachers Caroline Boutet, Marie-Hélène Bellavance Boutet and David have created a table hockey league. Every lunchtime, more than thirty young people have to play their part. Everyone must be involved in the league. Time keeping, Reefing and keeping statistics, plus publicity is asked of them ... Respect, sense of responsibility, good humor and a desire to surpass themselves are at the heart of this project. The league has been running for four years already. After seeing the World Champion Carlo Bossio on a TV show called "Les Trippeux" the organizers decided to buy new Carleco Hockey Tables and launch themselves into new challenges. Carlo and his brother Gino came to provide advice to our young kids from school. Then chose to host the first Duel Marie-Sophie. All players in the league were present and played against the champions from the NTHL. Parents, people of the village, everyone is involved in this great project.

Fun facts: This project and our official first tournament, the Marie-Sophie school won first place in the contest Entrepreneurship Centre-du-Québec for its innovative project. During the tournament, we received the visit of special guests. Our former players now attending high school came by. This is the proof that our project has achieved its goal. Our Strong sense of belonging to school has been reached.

Past winners 1-2-3:
2018 A - Patrick Côté, Carlo Bossio, Sam Anousssis
B - Vinny Catania, Michael Brossard, Julien Marinoff
C - Mathieu Viau, Benoît Viau, Maurice Viau
2018 Under 16: David Bergeron, Augustin Champagne, Maxime V.
2018 Masters Series: Patrick Côté, Carlo Bossio, Sam Anoussis
2017 Under 16: David Bergeron, Esteban Rodriguez, Augustin Champagne
2017 Masters Series: Carlo Bossio, Michel Decarie, André Pigeon
2016 Under 16: Thierry Douville, Tommy Leclerc, Simon Décarie
2016 Masters Series: Sam Anoussis, Carlo Bossio, André Pigeon
2015 Under 16: Thierry Douville, Simon Décarie, Vincent Soulard
2015 Masters Series: Carlo Bossio, Gino Bossio, Sam Anoussis
2014 Under 16: Thierry Douville, Yohan Fournel, Zachary Mercier
2014 Masters Series: Carlo Bossio, Patrick Côté, Gino Bossio