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Tournament organizer: Martin Douville
Tournament: Rosemont Open
City: Montreal, Quebec
Year started: 2015

Tournament history: The year 2015 marked the entry into the scene for the "Rosemont Open" as part of the NTHL circuit but in fact this is the tournaments 3rd edition. Here is a brief history. In 2010 and 2011 there were two tournaments organized by a LHTR. One in Rawdon at Martin Douville's cottage and one in 2011 in the basement of his house. These 2 events attracted around 25 players, but we were limited by space so in 2013 we decided to expand and organize the tournament at the Pere Marquette Center, a place where there is a high visibility for our sport .The player base of these tournaments are players from The LHTR (Table Hockey League of Rosemont), which will host this season its 9th season. There are also many top players from the HTQ circuit (now NTHL) who come to challenge our best players. These tournaments attracted 31 players in 2013 and 38 in 2014

Past winners 1-2-3:

2020: A - Patrick Côté, Carlo Bossio, Eric Larochelle
B - Thierri Douville,Vinny Catania, Gabriel Saad
C - Michel Goupil, Denis Giguere, John Power
D - Zachary Côté, Danny Duke, Leo Fuoco
2019: A - Carlo Bossio, Patrick Côté, Angelo Collabo
B - Julien Marinoff,Michel Decarie, Maurice Viau
C - Vinny Catania, Jean Marc Therrien, Sylvain Briand
D - Zachary Côté, Jimmy St-Gelais, Esteban Rodriguez
2018: Carlo Bossio, Sam Anoussis, Andre Pigeon
2017: Carlo Bossio, Patrick Côté, Andre Pigeon
2016: Carlo Bossio, Andre Pigeon, Patrick Côté
2015: Patrick Côté, Sam Anoussis, Carlo Bossio

Past winners: Rawdon 2010: Champion: Carlo Bossio, B champion: Claude Chabot

Pre-Rosemont 2011: Champion: Carlo Bossio, B champion: Nicolas Ayotte

Rosemont Open 2012: Champion: Carlo Bossio, Runner-up: Sam Anoussis
B champion: Simon Decarie, Runner-up: Thierri Douville
C champion: Chantal Vaillant, Runner-up: Martin Ayotte
D champion: Nathan, Runner-up: Brandon Gaucher

Rosemont Open II: Champion: Michael Brassard, Runner-up Eric Larochelle
B champion: Thierri Douville, Runner-up: Michel Goupil
C champion: Pierre Alarie, Runner-up: Eric Belzile
D champion: Nathan, Runner-up: Esteban Rodriguez