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Tournament organizers: Eric Krol and John Medema
Tournament: Motor City Classic 5380
City: Livonia, MI (Detroit)
Year started: 2007
Web site: http://byline302.tripod.com/aboutus/detroittournament.html

Tournament history: Veteran Detroit-area table hockey player Paul Brotz started the Motor City Classic 5380 event in 2008. Paul wanted to give traveling table hockey players more bang for their buck, so he held two tournaments in one weekend. One year, he held three (a doubles event on Sunday in addition to a Stiga event on Saturday). The Motor City Classic is held each Friday night at a Detroit-area hotel. The idea is that you could stay at the same place you'd play. Paul put on three successful tournaments at hotels near the airport before life's responsibilities meant there was a one-year break in 2011. Chicago-area table hockey enthusiasts re-started the event in 2012 at the Embassy Suites Livonia, where it's now held each year in late March. A mix of Carleco and SoHo games are used. Only two players have ever won this tournament: Dave Kraehling, who won the first four, and Carlo Bossio, who won the last two.

Past winners 1-2-3:
2016: Dave Kraehling, Lou Marinoff, Vinny Catania
2015: Dave Kraehling, Lou Marinoff, Ron Marsik
2014: Carlo Bossio, Sam Anoussis, Gino Bossio
2013: Carlo Bossio, Gino Bossio, Sam Anoussis
2012: Dave Kraehling, Alain Gamache, Eric Desjardins
2011: tournament not held
2010: Dave Kraehling, Steve Bernstein, Jeff Thill
2009: Dave Kraehling, Christopher Reardon, Bernie Kunzler
2008: Dave Kraehling, Ken Dubois, Greg Scoma