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Tournament organizers: Jim Rzonca and Eric Krol
Tournament: Coleco U.S. Open
City: Lemont, IL (Chicago)
Year started: 2007
Web site: http://lemonttablehockey.com/usopen/

Tournament history: Jim Rzonca and Eric Krol have been putting on table hockey events together in the Chicago area since 2002. The big event each year was the Stiga U.S. Open, held in mid-to-late July. In 2007, the decision was made to add a Coleco event on Friday night. Veteran table hockey player Rich Thill restored several Coleco 5380 games. They're part of what makes the Chicago event unique: you're playing on vintage games that play better than new. We've also used Carleco and Labelle games over the years. Players have come in from all over the U.S. and Canada to join in the fun. It's typically held in the banquet room at the Lemont VFW hall.

Past winners 1-2-3:
2015: Lou Marinoff, Jim Rzonca, Eric Krol
2014: Dave Kraehling, Lou Marinoff, Jim Rzonca
2013: Jim Rzonca, Joe Salazar, Eric Krol
2012: Jim Rzonca, Lou Marinoff, André Pigeon
2011: Burt Brassard, Jeff Thill, Lou Marinoff
2010: Dave Kraehling, Dany Leclerc, Jim Rzonca
2009: Dany Leclerc, Dave Kraehling, Ron Marsik
2008: Bob Ingo, Lou Marinoff, Denis Maille
2007: Patrick Côté, Dave Kraehling, Francois Côté